Medieval marvels at Rapalje’s Zomerfolk

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Medieval marvels at Rapalje’s Zomerfolk

Nobody goes to Zomerfolk dressed in their regular clothing.

Rapalje’s festival Zomerfolk is amazing in it’s own unique way. Just try to spend a day here and count the numerous sub-cultures on the festivalgrounds. Here you’ll see LARP’ers, pirates, warriors, bikers, re-enactment-fans, vikings, students and regular families… all sharing their passion for the music.

On the green festivalgrounds the thousands of visitors are united in their love for a style of music you’ll never hear on the radio: folk. And last weekend that amounted to a two-day-long mix of banjo’s, violins and bagpipes.

And what did this mean for the die-hard visitors of Rapalje’s Zomerfolk? Exactly. It meant dressing up; and in doing so trying to match – or overshadow – the medieval costumes of the festival’s hosts of Rapalje.

We sent our photographer on his way, who ultimately spent an entire day being baffled by the effort some of the bands and visitors made.